animated series, adventure, comedy

In a world where magic is inexpensive and reliable, an alchemist and his monkey apprentice decide to become pure scientists.

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15 min, Drama, SF, Fantasy

“The earth is like an egg!”

All begins when the space dragon dies. Galaxies, suns and planets are born from dust of the dying creature.”
Our days – an old man take care of a clucking hen. He explains to his grandsons that the earth is round like an egg and probably, like an egg it has something inside.
An oil team is preparing for “the historical drilling” – they want to drill deep to extract the last oil reserve from the earth. They hit something inside the earth, something alive. A general devastation begins. The earth shell cracks and a giant creature hatches out of the earth. A young space dragon is born. The planet is dead. The hollowed crust of the earth as pieces of egg shells is fading away. It is moving towards the sun...

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animated feature, adventure

Was it a cataclysm or a fancy human experiment? nobody remembers why the humans left the planet. The fact is that Earth now is called The Reservation and is populated with new intelligent earth species. Brut is one of them. He doesn't care about human fairy tales or about those damn flying saucers and alien hunters because his meat is bitter and soon his spikes will harden. He’s banished, his problems are big enough. He needs a shelter first, then maybe he will help with this alien issue.

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  3d feature animation
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